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SOLD - 1950's ZODIAC 10 ATM

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The forgotten gem...


One of the grandfathers of the modern diving watch, is this Zodiac 10 ATM, the precursor to the cult-classic Seawolf. The 10 Atmospheres that it boasted was 100 meters of depth that it could dive, and this is around 1953. It was during this time that the Zodiac was forgotten under the gravity of the release of the Blancpain 50 Fathoms (91.4 meters) and the Rolex Submariner (also 100 meters).

Part of the advancement in reading was that this new generation of divers possessed a rotating bezel. What made the first generation diver from Zodiac special was its 'countdown' bezel, adding a sense of 'urgency' and displays the importance of timing when submerged. 


Dial: Sharp, ivory white dial with minor hints of 'sunburn'. Original radium plots.

Hands: Radium-filled, broad skeleton hands. 

Case: Stainless steel, screw-back. 34mm excluding crown. Rare and original bezel now does not turn. Completely unpolished and sharp.

Calibre: Automatic AS1361N in pristine condition.

Strap: Fits 17mm or 18mm straps.

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Vintage watches need some TLC... Keep dry from moisture and water.


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